Adam and his team work out of beautiful premises on the edge of the historic Parramatta Park. They’ve got views backing straight onto their every day work area – the whole of Parramatta CBD. They needed some Sydney Professional Corporate Headshots.

Think Planners provide town planning services; which has clearly been a massive growth industry in Sydney for many years.

Their concentration on Western Sydney makes sense given the growth forecasts for the place (soon to be about 50% of Sydney’s population also containing the third highest economic region behind Sydney and Melbourne CBD’s).

As they continue to pursue large projects they’ve changed their online identity somewhat. There’s an approachable friendliness to the group. Their “our people” pages on the website exemplify that friendliness and accessibility.

We recently spent a morning with them, targeting their need for specific headshots and also some incidental corporate shots quickly highlighting the unique workplace, the team engaged together, and the location.

We photographed them in-situ. We set up a small studio space onsite – perhaps literally half of a 4 by 3 metre space being utilised.

The initial photographs were used to help relax the team but also to create some semi-formal headshots. Brief one-on-one photographs with the team members then flowed through the morning. Conversations, as ever, used to break the ice.

In their case the formality of more typical business attire is softened by eschewing neckties and sometimes jacket. In any case, in our headshot work we’re placing the emphasis on the face, not the clothing. But each shoot we’ll often ask our clients to provide a change of look, whether with workwear, ties, jackets and glasses. This obviously gives clients a range of looks to use.

In doing a range of looks and not insisting on uniformity in the headshot sessions of a workplace it provides the individuality that we all have yet the continuity is apparent through the treatment of imagery, the type of equipment used, the lighting, and the sense of structure of the photography.

In a world that consumes more and more photography every company should be telling their story online. In pictures.

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