LinkedIn is a huge, worldwide network of influencers, decision makers, companies and corporation’s that all use LinkedIn for different kinds of reasons.

Some use it to keep abreast of trending topics that relate to their industry and some use it for networking with individual companies and entities to prospect new business.
However a huge number of companies also recruit though LinkedIn, if you are looking for a job, or even just to network and increase your reputation, first impressions are key. And in the LinkedIn world that means a headshot is essential.

LinkedIn headshots

So here’s a list of helpful pointers to get you the best possible headshot to achieve this.

1. Dress to impress

Now when you picture a potential employee or valued service provider in your head, what do you see? Do you see a scruffy, unshaven, tired looking person wearing their loudest shirt and an unmatched cap? Probably not, right?

People asking themselves the same question about you will expect that the person they might call for an interview or consultation takes themselves seriously, employers will want to be able to imagine you, in their office, wearing professional attire and working hard for them.

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2. Consider your expression

The face you pull in a photo does override the tone of the photograph and project a completely different image of yourself than you perhaps intended. We don’t suggest that you force your most artificial grin (although some people in the media can pull the same expressions for photographs time and time again), but do spend some time watching your expressions change in the mirror and finding out what works well for you. Being “business-like” doesn’t always equate to being serious or artificially happy so in a headshot session we do accommodate a range of expressions.

It becomes more and more necessary to project an image of approachability. And the power of a good LinkedIn headshot makes it easier to imagine having a friendly, relaxed, informed, quality conversation with you.

And it probably goes without mentioning but there are some expressions you don’t need. Avoid looking angry or scary at all costs (which is easier to do than you would imagine).
Get a LinkedIn Headshot for women

3. Keep it recent and relevant

Back to the Future is still an impossible dream so you have to use a photograph that actually represents who you are and what you look like now. That picture of you at the conference ten years ago might make you look awesome, but it’s out of date and irrelevant to the market today, The person contacting you can’t travel back in time and meet you then – in what you’re unwittingly suggesting was your “Heyday!”

Now while we would all like to look as young as we can it’s not an excuse to mislead somebody about our appearance, which would only cause problems if we ever eventually meet this person face to face.

At Into the Picture, one of our specialist areas is taking LinkedIn headshots that will really stand out and give you that professional air of confidence, while at the same time keeping the tone of your headshot an approachable, friendly and helpful appearance.

For more of an idea of what we could do for you in this area, please click here.


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