It’s time well spent to, over the course of a couple of hours, get some excellent professional corporate headshots to use, especially for online material.

There may be a perception that there should be dozens or hundreds of very different, usable images from the session. Headshot photography is very specialised and the time taken in the session isn’t to provide you with loads and loads of choices (although there’ll be opportunity to have lots), rather it’s to capture the essential you.

We have a definite plan of what we want you to gain from the headshot session, at least 2 to 10 high quality headshots that are genuinely excellent photographs of you. They’ll help define your online identity and this is the time to use something first class, and not make do.

We want them taken on plain white, grey or black backdrops – a deliberate choice, almost a “no background at all” policy that does not impose a time or place to the images, and an especially effective way to highlight the subject. Other colours impose thought processes in the viewer that does not articulate the simplest message you need – you are the subject. Other backgrounds confine you and tie you to places that mighty not necessarily be helpful to the viewer. Our aim is to highlight that YOU are the subject.

Let’s talk about lighting for a moment. I personally love shadows in great portrait photography, when things are hidden and we’re challenged to form identity from and in darkness. But when you are the subject, and you’re aiming to sell you, aiming to promote you and aiming to be seen amongst a sea of faces, then we now understand that making you more visible, using more light, makes you less concealed, makes you appear open and honest, and is a very refreshing point of difference.

We’re shooting no more than head and shoulders. After all this really isn’t about the rest of your body at this stage. It’s just about grabbing people’s attention positively. When we shoot head or head and shoulders you’re implying confidence. People who use profile pictures that shows the top half of the body or full body are losing out on maximising their unique selling proposition – their face. The area between your eyebrows to your mouth says so much more to viewers than everything else combined. So we bring it closer to the viewer.

That feels confronting when we view our own images, but it’s comforting to see people, as the viewer, close up. It feels like a presentation of trust, honesty and openness.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking we’re making portrait pictures for you. We’re not. We’re making a picture that highlights you, that sells you, that shows unique you and that transcends your competitors equivalent imagery.

Think of it as a product shoot. For at its base level that is what’s happening. How are we selling you? What will make you stand out amongst a lot of other similar “products”? What’s going to make HR reach out and grab you? What’s going to impress your clients and customers? Your headshot is a fantastic contributing cog to all the other things you use to talk about yourself. And when everything else can be perceived to be the same YOU are the point of difference.

You have a perception that you need lots of poses, lots of backgrounds, lots of clothing choices, lots of variety. You don’t. Essentially you just need one killer shot that defines the real you that others haven’t met yet. It’s the “pack shot”, the “cover shot”, the “double truck spread”, the “hero shot”, that shows the best you possible. It’s cereal in a bowl of milk with strawberries on top, it’s chocolate flowing over biscuit all glossy and beautiful.

The best photographs move the viewer to do something. To lean in, to make a call, to talk business.

You may have already seen ten thousand images today. You’ve forgotten most of them. The ones that stand out make a difference. You don’t want to be forgotten. Give yourself the advantage of great professional corporate headshots.

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