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Every person that stands in front of our cameras is treated as unique. We don’t offer a standard treatment to every person because we really want to reflect you in your image. You are not a template.

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Headshot Packages

The session fee includes however much time at our Wahroonga studio is needed to get a wide range of shots for you to use, which includes multiple clothing options, different backgrounds and lighting. You’ll get to see the photos throughout the session to help you refine what you’re looking for, and at the end of the session you’ll sit with David and select and pay for your final images.

Session Only

Profile headshots for businessmen


Price is for time at session only. Images to be purchased a-la-carte at the end of the session.


Session and images

Sydney Professional Corporate Headshots


Price is for time at the session as well as two high-resolution retouched images.

The Works

Alison - Headshot


Price includes session fee, hair and makeup and three high-resolution retouched images.

Why you need a great corporate headshot

The simple brilliance of a great headshot is its ability to communicate, within moments or even fractions of a second, who you are. A great headshot captures you and shows you as you look. Your family or friends might look at it and say it’s you at your very best.

With great corporate headshots the emphasis is very much on you, not a complicated background or foreground. Depending on location, whether in studio, at your workplace or anywhere in between we use the best lighting we can, whether natural, studio flash or constant light to give you beautiful, clean light.

You’re after a headshot that makes you come alive, will get other people thinking about you, but it’s also our intention to give you something that will not just please you but make you glad for the experience too, probably the kind of values you already have for your own business. 

A great headshot photographer understand it’s you that makes the shot, not a compelling wardrobe, jewellery, make-up or glasses. Yes, they’re all part of you but your headshot isn’t about the fashion of the day – it’s capturing your personality. Focusing on the eyes, showing the life, intelligence, humour and individuality of you, is the best starting spot. And the eyes become the main focus for headshot photography, looking straight to camera, giving the appearance of looking straight at the viewer, your connections, your market, your competitors alike.

It conceals the complexity of getting to a brilliant result with a simple, discerning, singular statement of identity.

So many companies, corporations and small businesses have now discovered the necessity for individuals to be seen – not just the CEO but all the teams that make up the business. The best companies invest in choosing a great headshot photographer as they understand the positive effects that great headshot photography will have on their identity.

What are corporate headshots used for?

The common uses for headshots are the obvious ones in social media like LinkedIn profiles and other publisher profiles, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and you can probably think of a lot more. Newsletters, campaign emails, papers, articles, press releases, annual reports, author pages, marketing collateral and documents that you’ve contributed to are always helped by a great headshot. When you’re a feature lecturer or speaker at conferences and seminars your headshot can instantly define you and make you accessible. Most importantly, on your “About Us” pages, great headshots define the personalities of an organisation.

Why use Into The Picture?

A great headshot is created in an atmosphere of trust, a rapport quickly established. At Into The Picture we know that most people are apprehensive or nervous about standing in front of the camera and we quickly help to dispel the nerves. We’ve certainly heard it all before from lots of clients, “I’m going to break your lens” is a favourite. We’re able to quickly get past fake smiles, dead eyes, double chins to help our clients relax. It’s one of the reasons we’re trusted to produce headshots over and over again for many of our clients and their companies.

“In my opinion, David is a really professional friendly photographer whose knowledge and skills of providing a great photography shooting experience was really worth of the effort commuting from the city to Wahroonga!”
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