The LinkedIn network is one of the largest business-to-business (B2B) networks in the world. It makes sense that there are about 470 million people that use it for several reasons And essentially that’s to connect (whether actively or passively) with people in their industry and related ones, to prospect new business from relevant potential clients, apply for a wider range of jobs or even just to increase their own sphere of influence in particular or even more general areas.

In terms of effectiveness LinkedIn is all about your network, the more people in it, the further your potential reach and the more that you can learn/ glean from industry insiders posts and from individual businesses. But how do you go about increasing your presence on the LinkedIn network? Well here are a few tips to help you make your LinkedIn profile a success.

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1. Make sure you set up your LinkedIn network account correctly and with as much information as possible (accurately – don’t be tempted to “theatrically” expand your CV and experience)

While the actual setting up of your LinkedIn account might not seem like a big deal don’t treat it too casually. If you look at it another way, a vague profile with no picture or past work experiences hardly gives confidence to an employer and you’re unlikely to end up being sent meeting and interview requests.

How can a top industry influencer want to include you in their network if they can’t see what industry you work in and can’t see value in sharing their insight with you? Participation is its own reward. Whenever I review my newsfeed and the activity of others, my mind is always jogged by the industry people who willingly share, like and comment on opinions and articles much, much more-so than those who irregularly appear (except as annual reminders that we’ve been connected another year – happy silent anniversary!).

Did you realise the LinkedIn network actually has its own search engine? The impact is that people from all over the world, in all industries, can search for specific keywords to bring up particular sets of profiles matching their criteria. If your keywords are not set up correctly your profile, and subsequent experience, will not come up in even the most specific and related search. Goodness knows what you might miss out on. The dream job…

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2. Have a good picture

Everybody likes to know who they’re talking to, especially recruiters. On a surface level does it matter? No. Yes. Yes. No. We’re all human and we’re all different.

We’re curious. We want to know what each other looks like. No, it’s not necessary to the skills and experience to “do the job” but it does make us relatable.

It can certainly help take away the discomfort of the unknown when meetings are set up – to have seen a face prior. We feel we’re a step closer to knowing that much more about each other.

A professional, well posed and great looking LinkedIn network Headshot adds a certain amount of approachability to your profile. It subconsciously shows that you have nothing to hide which helps add to your honesty.

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3. Update and post regularly

If you’ve just completed a big project, post it. Helped a client get through a difficult time or overcome a problem with particular aplomb? Post it. Make sure what you’re posting is relevant (work-related), exciting, truthful and your opportunities and network will grow.

How would you measure success in LinkedIn terms? Is it a sign of success when you have people commenting, sharing your posts and increasing the network not just of your profile, but your business as a whole? Or is it when you and your business opportunities increase? Both can happen.

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