We love welcoming corporate clients to our space here in North Wahroonga for their studio headshots. It’s advantageous to be able to provide the studio, especially for those who are doing shoots with colleagues from the Central Coast, Newcastle and the North Shore suburbs of Sydney.

We definitely recommend using studio based headshots for a few reasons. One obvious reason may have something to do with lack of premises or an inability to put all staff in the same place at the same time. Some companies need to send their staff and colleagues through over different dates. It’s reassuring for them to know the lighting set up can be kept the same without the travel costs associated with shooting on their own premises.

A real advantage to a studio session is the fact that it offers time away from your own office, not needing to answer the call of others, and the feeling of not being “on display” in front of co-workers. From a photographic perspective we can be more efficient and totally in control of our lighting. We can show, accurately, the development of the studio session so that you have confidence the images are headed in the right direction. That confidence positively affects the ongoing shoot and allows for a greater energy to be reflected in each.

Studio shoots eschew location backgrounds especially clutter and complexity in favour of simplicity. In the context of online visibility, anything that doesn’t compete with the main subject – you, helps increase the viewer attention on you.

We tend to differ in our approach to headshot photography from other professionals. We’re truly interested in maximising your presence. This means we shoot for tighter headshots, rather than further away, shooting with longer length lenses so you don’t feel we’re uncomfortably close but still close enough to hold a quiet conversation, and shoot with more light and less shadow. It’s a trick that works.

We’ve been shooting studio headshots here in Wahroonga for a few years now. It’s a long, narrow space that allows us to tackle a few different styles, including incorporating daylight (in the form of indirect and soft south light – when the sun co-operates), studio flash and tungsten sources. To book a time to visit us for your studio headshot, please visit our online diary to find the most convenient time for you.

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Into The Picture understands individuality. We’re in the business of creating unique photographs for someone like you. Call us today for your Studio Headshots. Please visit our corporate headshot gallery to see more of our work.


Just a few of the ways you can contact us for your studio headshots session

Email: info@intothepicture.com.au
Phone: 0411 137 747

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