In photography, there’s a lot of assumptions made by both client and photographer. But we’re at a point where, rather than us assuming what you need, and you as clients assuming what we provide, we’re far better served by a conversation. That conversation covers a wide range of ideas. What questions should you be discussing with your headshot photographer?

What do you need the photography for – branding, headshots? Is there a style you’re trying to affect? Have you seen something that you really like but you don’t know whether the photographer can fit it in? Where will the images be viewed? Who are you hoping will notice the photos?

Who else is having input into the reason for the photographs and do they need to be part of the conversation? It could be business partners, colleagues, designer, stylist, consultant. Whoever is helping you, involve them early on in any arrangements. But especially involve your headshot photographer.

Kate by headshot photographer David

Usually, people come to us because they like what we do, but little realising we’re also problem solvers.

Especially with headshots, we have a specific style that we use and recommend, but there’s always room to alter that according to the client’s more particular needs. We have up front chats about where it’s headed but can’t always account for everything. Why?

We had a recent client call, we talked about what they needed and settled on a couple of definite ideas (there’s always some leeway built in).

Now even though we’d had the conversation and talked about colours, the client decided to go with a different variation while on set. Everything’s already in place, ready to go, ready to start shooting the team.

It might sound like I’m building up to a complaint, I’m not. Being asked to change things doesn’t phase us at all. It’s an opportunity to show our flexibility. I arranged for the first person to do a change of clothes and in the time before they came back, I’d completely adjusted the set, the lighting and done test shots, all ready to go again as they stepped in.

On the other hand, it’s a lot easier if we don’t have to do this. That’s why we love to talk as soon as possible, to help firm up your ideas and make them live. “We want professional headshots,” is only the starting point. It doesn’t begin to describe the possibilities.

We provide a professional service. David is a headshot photographer. We’re custom fitting for our client’s specific and individual needs. It’s the bit we relish. We’re not a factory, even though we have favoured ways of shooting. We want you to realise that everything is changeable according to your needs. We are in a creative and collaborative process.

We’re not just there to fulfil your expectations but to provide answers to questions and the problems you need solving. It may be fulfilling requests for things that no one else has thought of before.

Most clients don’t inherently know what questions to ask to get the results they want. So start the conversation with us. We try to help as much as possible to steer towards your requirements, not with just with templates, but great solutions.

The next time you book a session let’s chat about what you need to project the image you want.

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