We’re creating Sydney Women’s Corporate Headshots that communicates personality, warmth, and the indefinable but incredibly valuable aspect which is usually simply described as your “character”.

A good headshot reaches out and informs the viewer of those things and more.

A really important aspect that we read about this week reminded us that perception is often reality.

Our own perception is that each of us might be – talented, organised, charming, perceptive, agreeable, conversational, delightful. You get it. Lots of good things rolled into one complete and wonderful package.

Other people’s perception about us might be formed before they’ve even met us – irrespective of our standing in our own companies and workplaces.

For instance someone who has only ever “met” us online might have made most of their judgement about us from the headshot that represents us.

All of a sudden you’re dealing with people who now think you are …. Dull, lacking in personality, tired, messy, bored, ill at ease, not confident, not competent.

This may sound extreme and implausible but think how many times you’ve made snap judgements based on a single shot.

And it can be very hard to shift that perception and those judgements once they’ve been formed – even though that’s unfair.

One recent client, Alison, elected to have hair and make-up done at the studio. She arrived with her wardrobe choices and we immediately started a chat between Alison, myself and Laurel, our hair and make up expert.

We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to call on the services of several highly regarded artists who spend time with the client, discussing and understanding their needs for the industry they work in, and for the people they work around.

With that knowledge also comes the benefit of addressing the client’s specific needs in regards to their own features and colouring.

A few quick warm up shots in studio gives us a really good idea of whether any changes are needed to the make-up or hair and lets each client know absolutely how they look.

We did several quick sessions with changes of clothing and make-up adjustments to give her a variety of looks.

With the benefit of our tethered shooting we were able to look at the images on the screen throughout the shoot, quickly working together to capture some excellent Sydney Women’s Corporate Headshots.

That’s really part one of the process. These are the professional aspects we can control.

The equally important aspect revolves around communicating you. We are creating an active character driven engagement in the photograph, to create excellent perceptions amongst your peers and industry people. That’s an exciting part of the collaboration between photographer and client. With everything else being set up perfectly the collaboration is where the magic takes over.

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