Professional headshots are essential for your business.

There seems to be a belief in business that a Sydney headshot photography session only takes 30 seconds. That it will suffice as a prime example of you and the company or work you represent. It doesn’t.

We’re critically concerned that you get real bang-for-buck and we want to create a compelling, individual headshot for your business, social media and profile imagery.

We, humans, love to respond to other humans. And we know each other so well we spot insincerity, falseness, artifice very quickly. We do so in a photograph in a split second.

So why risk an average headshot, from an ordinary session, and the poor judgement that inevitably brings?

Within reason, the best results tend to occur at the end of our time together, whether in a shorter, sharper 10-20 minute Sydney headshot photography session or the longer and more detailed one to three hours session.

Almost universally everyone seems to love the imagery of themselves at the back end of the session. What is happening, of course, is that through the interaction of the photographer and the client is a comfort involving the connection, understanding and ease that pays off with photographs that show warmth, humour and a degree of flattery.

Colin's Sydney Headshot Photography

That warmth, humour and professionalism help you connect with people in a meaningful way. In a world where social media rules but where “fake”, inaccurate, dishonest and questionable profiles run rampant it’s essential to stand out for being the real you.

One: Be current

Using a recent, professional headshot or portrait will increase the likelihood of people “feeling” that connection. That feeling is clarified when they see you in the flesh. There’s no disconnect. It’s you!

If you’re still using that flattering picture taken fifteen years ago and pretending you haven’t changed a bit, then there is a significant disconnect. And that concerns people who have first met you online. For good or for worse get current. And there’s that little sweetener that you’re not paying lip service to the idea that youth is everything. After all, experience matters.

Two: The right headshot says volumes about you. The wrong one much more.

Respect the possible perceptions and repercussions of the use of your image and plan for it. If you are overflowing with, for example, jewellery, extreme tooth whitening, multiple layers of ultra-expensive clothing, and orange skin you can probably assume some of your intended audience won’t warm to you. And I don’t say that to run down anyone who dresses and projects that specific image. I am a fan of individuality, but in business, it comes with a cost or a price, unless you’re famous (Elton John, Dame Edna etc.).

Dress the way you do dress for business, leaning towards conservatism (not to be conservative but to throw extra emphasis towards YOU the person). You’re not modelling; you’re not acting, you’re not competing in a Miss World or Mr Universe. You’re just you.

Three: People make the world turn, not companies

You love working for the businesses and companies who you represent, but potential clients and the public need more reasons to support them.

Throwing the emphasis onto the people within creates excellent opportunity to tell those stories and connect on that human level.

Four: A great headshot reinforces perceptions of quality and professionalism

And the opposite is true too. A lousy headshot does more harm than it’s worth. If you can’t tell the difference, it’s essential to get impartial feedback from colleagues (or strangers perhaps) you respect.

A great headshot adds value to careers. As we progress through the online era that has only become more and more important.

It’s worth doing it well and standing out on that level; like wearing a great suit, beautiful watch, or carrying a unique pen. Your headshot is your personal statement and introduction.

Five: The best headshots humanise you

Remember that we look at a lot of headshots and see wide variation. Some headshots seem like a careless after-thought. Others look incredibly intimidating, as though a challenge has been thrown down. Some look like the school class photographs done with minimal care and attention to the individual. Others still look like political posters, trying to express anything and everything towards the viewer, but offering nothing substantial.

A great headshot helps us empathise with you.

Six: You humanise the business

Business is cold, calculating, industrial, edged. Humanity softens business. The people that work for the company can best effect the feeling of warmth, empathy, friendliness and approachability. As much of the world is pushing back against a business for the business sake that individuality becomes a powerful corporate tool (I almost said weapon!).

Sydney Headshot Photography of Colin

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