“I have never liked being photographed, and I don’t want you pointing the camera in my direction. I always look horrible in every photo. I don’t like my current corporate headshot. I don’t photograph well!”

Imagine how many times we hear this. Whether it’s said in full belief, resignation, half-heartedly or even with some deep-seated psychological fear (which rarely but occasionally happens), it’s probably worthwhile to hear that you are not alone. So many of our clients come to us like this.

We can help create a photograph of you that you’ll enjoy looking at.

Remember that we generally enjoy looking at photographs of other people. But, conversely, other people like looking at photos of us.

But most of us think we take terrible photo’s. “It’ll break your lens.” Don’t worry, it’s coped so far.

What’s the simple and apparent reason most people dislike having their own photographs taken? It is usually because they’re frequently caught off-kilter.

When we’re compromised and made to feel silly or foolish, it really has a detrimental effect on people wanting to be in front of a camera. No-one photographs well caught off guard, mid-sentence, with a mouthful of food, half blinking, laughing, showing our usually non-existent multiple chins, looking tired, and in the worst possible light.

Once upon a time, in early photography, the intention was announced, and people were prepared to be photographed. The pictures of grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond, show people dressed up, unsmiling, very camera aware and very formal. Enter the studio in the clothing you specifically chose. Be posed in set positions, and allow the light to slowly do its work. Minimal, almost nothing, left to chance.

Photography used to be slow, methodical and deliberate. It had the consequence of being dour and sombre, but the upside of that was a technique that gave predictable results. It didn’t shame or vilify but showed people as themselves, albeit coldly or seriously.

Today, when it comes to corporate headshot photography, we’re still being methodical and deliberate. Still, with the changing nature of digital photography, we can afford to work quickly, lighter, and allow our warmer character to show.

This is done in a more relaxed atmosphere, yet we’re still confident of the photograph working as intended. We still carefully take time to constructively direct clients into better positions and poses.

That’s a really positive change from the photography our forebears used. We’re not too limited to a couple of plates of film or a roll of 36. In the same period, we constructively use the time to create options for you. We watch the change happen in real-time.

We keep reiterating on the blog: clients are very grateful to see themselves reflected as they want and need to be seen. They often feel flattered, all while being presented as themselves.

And that’s the upside. Our clients feel good about a portrait, a headshot, reflecting them as they deserve to be seen.

In the studio, you know that you’re being photographed. You’re prepared, not caught off-guard, and are given concise direction to find good, maybe even flattering angles. Then, via our monitor, you have the direct evidence and confidence of what’s unfolding. And it’s no surprise that people relax reasonably quickly. This process works.

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