We believe you should care about having a professional corporate headshot. A poorly done headshot says more than some think; ”I can afford not to care.” It implies you don’t care enough.

From our photographic perspective, we care, of course, about helping you create a professional corporate headshot that stands out, that reflects you, and that allows the viewer to have a positive insight into your character.

professional corporate headshots for women

Great headshots work for you. They play their role to make you look skilful, capable and organised. And that’s without considering the impact you, as the individual, have within the headshot.

As we move deeper into the 21st century, people are coming to realise that they’re competing in the marketplace with their online presence. Like it or not, so many connections and job opportunities are now done at the digital stage before people approach each other in real life.

Some people reason that they already have a job, and everyone they need to know already knows them, so they put up an image that makes them happy (or they don’t put up a picture of themselves at all). Don’t negate the significance of the impact of a great headshot and the very real changing nature and reliability of work.

women's professional corporate headshots

Go ahead and put up a current headshot. Use a great one. Make a positive statement about your self-belief.

A professional corporate headshot that doesn’t accurately reflect your current appearance says you’re concerned about your appearance. You’re concealing something; you feel like you should hide, you’re too old. It’s all negative connotations. And people do lose job opportunities for this.

Headshots and resumes get passed over all the time. But to increase the likelihood of getting to the next stage, of having interviews, using a professional headshot gives a person a reason not to discard you. Look at it in reverse – not providing prospective employers with a reason to care about you guarantees that they won’t care. It’s due diligence.

sydney professional corporate headshot

We make the headshot about you – not the brands you wear, nor the clothes, not the jewellery and watches, not the background. We focus on your head – more importantly on your face – and more specifically on your eyes and mouth. You can almost distil an excellent headshot to those components. You’re not a model cupping your hands under your chin staring wistfully out of the frame.

You are you, great at what you do, ready to work, accenting your professionalism enough to fit in positively with your peers.

Move beyond the easy choices for headshots and go with something great to show you care.

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