Is your current business headshot working for you? It’s probably hard to tell, isn’t it? Do you know the reasons why existing headshots do or don’t work?

Headshots, for the most part, have very little to do with art and fundamentally more to do with psychology, a little science, some repeatable technique, and relationship theory. Great headshots connect subject and viewer very quickly.

If you accept that actors headshots get them noticed, it takes little reasoning to understand that your headshot can win you work too.

Your headshot is a visual placeholder to the things you want others to investigate and know about you – your skill, education, experience and personality. What does your existing business headshot say about you today? Does it grab attention for the right reasons? Or is it the one area you’ve compromised?

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We live in a world where it’s so easy to dismiss people for the slightest reasons. Armed with that knowledge we need to know that people are judging us for information we provide, willingly and unwittingly. Most people, being time poor, shortcut job searches by applying their criteria in trying to find the right person for the right job. I’ve read lists that run 50 to 100 points deep as to how people cull their searches.

If you accept the fact that we have become more acutely visually aware then showing yourself in a professional context is going to help put you in front of the right people. You end up with human resources having two candidates for one job with similar levels of experience but one with a make-do business headshot and the other with a great headshot. Let’s make the judgement call based on two people who happen to be identical twins and only one’s made an effort. Who are they looking at first of all? Is it just or fair? Most of us would say no, but those who expend the extra effort would say yes. And when you ask yourself the question about what companies are looking for, don’t forget the job descriptions they often use which includes “presentation”.

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One specific genre of headshots worth considering is those made for actors. Actors are reliant on their headshots to get work from job-to-job. It goes with the territory. They get knocked back far more than actually getting a call.

Actors will often supply a headshot variation based on a casting call. If the producers are looking for someone, who could portray the role of Megalomanic Number 3, then showing an image dressed up as a skateboarder or a shepherd would most likely guarantee you won’t be getting a call. Why? The casting director needs and wants to be able to picture the actor in a specific role.

I was recently reading an article, penned by a casting director, that was talking to actors about why their current headshot doesn’t work for them. If you realise that the photograph can more symbolically represent you rather than showing who you are, you recognise that there is a higher degree of power at your disposal.

Your headshot isn’t just trying to show how you look. In “dull-speak” that would be like writing about yourself, “I have two blue eyes and in between them lies a slightly longer than normal nose.” It’s relevant in absolutely no exceptional way. Your headshot image is a valuable mine of nonverbal information. It will influence the viewer. So why not head the viewer in the direction of your choosing rather than leaving them with no apparent additional (subliminal) story.

If you understand that this information exists then, you can effectively use it. We can help you craft a business headshot that says more about who you are (personality) rather than what you are (physical type). Your professional headshot should work for you in the best possible way. In spite of your achievements, skill, work ethic, competency, qualifications a lousy image will reflect poorly on you.

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Most headshots don’t accurately reflect or represent you, most headshots get passed over by the viewer and don’t end up grabbing the attention of the right people, most headshots are an afterthought, “this couldn’t possibly make much of a difference,” but it does.

The headshot is your cover photo. It quickly describes you in one sweeping statement. It doesn’t tell us everything, but it needs to tell us enough.

Today the real reason your headshot isn’t working for you is that it’s probably not well executed. We’ll help you to take charge of your headshot. It’ll give you a leg up and be a strong and compelling reason people find you.

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