Alix is from “Alix Helps Interiors” and she came and did some sydney womens business headshots with a touch of couture about them.

We specifically called in Laurel from to do Alix’s hair and makeup and then began the earnest process of shooting Alix with a few different approaches.

Alix’s children had some impact on her clothing decisions and we discovered they have as good taste as their mother! And that flowed through post-session when the boys apparently played a big hand in deciding which were Mum’s best shots.

One interesting discovery, that was confirmed along the way, is that our own perceptions of ourselves, what we think suits us including colours, cut and type of clothing, makeup choices and hair styles don’t necessarily work in a photography session (and undoubtedly vice versa). Let me make a specific caveat here – that doesn’t mean that how you look today and what you are wearing is wrong. But it does mean we can look at ourselves and re-evaluate.

In Alix’s case she thought there were one or two items of clothing that weren’t necessary going to work for her but we all ended up thinking they created some of the best images of the session.

Her hair, done in a couple of different styles, worked extra well when we played against the “corporate” type.

I’d suggest not playing looking different for different’s sake but especially don’t think you must look the same to fit into a narrow “range.” After all, we’re unique. Our differences are attractive to different people. So when we highlight our similarities they can blend too much together to be noticeable, or dangerously become such an inoffensive standard that they highlight our lack of individuality.

If you believe you only look good in a narrow range of corporate clothes that you tend to wear, think about re-evaluating your own perceptions – or ask for professional help.

Since doing the shoot we’ve heard from Alix. She loves the shots and so did her children.

We think she looks fantastic in them. I see determination, professionalism and warmth in them.

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