For many years now, we’ve been photographing corporate team headshots on location or in our studio. Being able to gather together your group at a single time is useful; we can create a specific look that is then quickly executed throughout the shoots.

Within five to ten minutes we can provide one look (or two distinctly different looks) per person. Even in such quick time, our skill is in being able not just to reduce the stress of such days, but to make people feel good about themselves, and to enjoy the process far more than they’d expect.

corporate team headshots

We’ve developed a calm, gentle and conversational approach to help relax our clients. In very short periods, per person, we can create a relaxed atmosphere. And with the reassurance of tethered shooting (whereby each subject can see their shoot progress onscreen) we can quickly allay concerns.

We take time to gently coach and direct people, with straightforward and clear instructions. We’ll notice distractions to help minimise or remove them; stray hairs, clothing that needs adjustment, distracting jewellery, and yes – even the parsley between the teeth.

We aim to help each person look as good as they can in the allotted time. And in that case, the uniformity of the overall photography shouldn’t get in the way of allowing each person the room to be individually dealt with, and to give them the opportunity to be happy with their shots.

team headshots on location

We’ve heard from too many people that work-arranged corporate team headshots can be a negative experience and a chore. Too often people are hired to do the work that is beyond them providing in the end, alarmingly unflattering work and some disappointed and disaffected employees.

It’s all very well to go ahead and get something done because it needs to be done, but we believe that we can make a positive difference to your colleagues workday. There are positive outcomes that occur with team photography. There is the simple benefit that it allows many, if not all, to feel good about themselves, motivated and especially satisfied with the final shots.

Team headshots under studio conditions

The feedback we get suggests that employees do radically feel those benefits, and feel happy about being part of the collaboration itself. Treating every person before us with respect and, most importantly, with empathy, adds to their feeling of inclusivity.

While we might think that most of us are used to having our photographs taken day-to-day the absolute truth is that most of us aren’t used to having it done well, nor for the process to be enjoyable to boot.

We can change your perceptions and experiences about corporate team headshots, and portrait photography. No longer is corporate photography a chore to cross off the list. We’ll help make it a brilliant and enabling time.

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