LinkedIn is a work showroom of sorts. It displays our resumes complete with successes, knowledge, education, research and more. The Sydney LinkedIn profile photo that accompanies LinkedIn pages shows us. Just a small, profile picture. It is to accompany, hopefully, all the great things we positively advertise about our achievements; all of it increasing our marketability.

Recently I’ve been doing lots of walking (thinking time mixed with exercise!) and have walked past many car showrooms.

We’re in the middle of a winter drought in Sydney and one of the side effects is a huge amount of dust in the atmosphere (which can be quite good for some photographs especially sunsets).

The dust has been so heavy that it’s made all the brand new cars parked outside showrooms look like they’ve been for a solid trip into the outback, or used as vehicles on the set of Nolan’s fabulous Interstellar.

That’d be fine if the cars were on display at a Farm Field Day but they’re city cars meant for urban roads and are supposed to reflect the best that each car manufacturer offers – usually seen in immaculate detailing, highly polished carriage work, spotless windows, blackened tyres.

On the days the cars look dirty it’s probably a lot easier to negotiate a deal. And obviously it works in the car industry’s favour if the cars look as good as they possibly can.

Even though the cars might be dirty and looking in need of care, their specifications and capabilities haven’t changed one iota. But, of course, our perception about our bargaining power changes.

The “professionalism” of the presentation makes us feel differently even though the car hasn’t changed what it fundamentally is.

LinkedIn photographs and profile pictures do the same to viewers of our profile. Presenting ourselves in the best possible way makes sure others expectations are met.

What are we looking for in a Sydney LinkedIn Profile Photo?

When clients walk into a session many of them are nervous at the thought of being photographed. But they’re also thinking about where the photographs are going to end up. And because it’s going on the internet they’re scaring themselves into thinking they’re being seen by several billion users.

That creates a stilted, stiff person who we have to help calm down, relax, and get back into being themselves.

We try to break down what is happening with a profile picture. And the reality for most of us is that one person at a time is clicking on our profile. We’re trying to connect with individuals.

Imagine having a dinner with someone at a table and it’s an engaging conversation. You lean forward, onto the table, moving closer to hear, looking interested, friendly, conversational, warm and approachable. The other person responds in kind to you. They measure you up through that engagement and warmth. And they like what they see.

You’re not at a banquet on the head-table with thousands of people looking at you and trying to make every single person warm to you. It’s happening on a micro scale.

And it’s why developing a relationship with the photographer, during the session, makes that warm, personable, friendly and conversational profile happen. It’s one on one. And the camera lens doesn’t represent all the eyeballs of the world but merely a single, interested person who just might make you an offer you can’t resist.

Our skill today is in helping people connect with each other online through the use of truly engaging LinkedIn profile pictures.

Wendy came in for a Sydney LinkedIn Profile Photo shoot

Sydney LinkedIn Profile PhotoProfessional headshot in SydneyHeadshots for LinkedIn

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