There are lots of things we Sydney photographers take for granted when shooting corporate headshot photography. They might not be readily apparent to our clients. We’ll address a few of those here. If you find they jog some additional questions, let us know. We’d love to hear from you. Let’s run through a few:

Why are there bits of my head or body that are “cut off”?

Photographers define a frame differently to expectations. We crop in camera. That means we shoot to highlight the bit that we need to see. For headshot photography, we’re interested explicitly in that triangle that makes up the eyebrows and eyes, down to the mouth and chin. Within reason, almost everything else is extraneous. Some see that as being too close, and while it may appear aggressive, it pushes you forward in a positive way. We look at a broad representation of headshot work from around the world, and there’s no hard and fast standard with this. It is normal to cut body parts out of the image. It’s done to tell the story, isolate good points, and more effectively present you.

Beautiful corporate headshot of Elizabeth

Can you remove this scar, mole, freckle?

Yes, but no. Anything, virtually, can be done with our editing tools and Photoshop, but that doesn’t mean it should be. If it’s going to alter your appearance with its removal, we won’t touch it. If the lighting and shadows have made it look more prominent and directed our gaze to it, then we’ll reduce the intensity. However, we won’t remove it if there isn’t a compelling reason. If it changes the you others know then it shouldn’t go.

Can you remove a cut, a pimple?

Yes. The general rule for getting rid of things is that it’s a temporary mark that will only last a few weeks. Usually, it doesn’t have to be mentioned.

Can you make my face slimmer?

We’ll do so while we’re taking the shot. We’re averse to doing it in post-production. The easiest thing here is in the way we ask you to pose and hold your head. Chin up, or down and pushed away from the head helps. Clench the back teeth together can create a stronger jawline, as can pushing the tongue to the roof of the mouth. Some of these ideas are subtle. Some are strong, but they’re part of the arsenal. Great lighting helps too. With some faces, the use of shadow plays a far more prominent role. An amateur photograph defines the face almost always with available light and often in the most unsubtle and unflattering way. We’ll provide the light, set the pose to help the structure of the head, and if necessary, create a subtle post-production edit. You’re choosing someone to make you look a million after all. Or ten million…

Sydney corporate headshot photography of Elizabeth

I don’t like this about myself, or I’m worried about… Should I tell you?

Absolutely. It might help you to know that we are looking at you critically, to help evaluate your best attributes and look. However, since we can’t read your mind to know that you consider something a problem, tell us. Inevitably what worries you just isn’t noticed by other people to the degree you believe. We magnify our “faults” too much.

I don’t look good in photographs. Can you help?

The truth is almost every client we see says they dislike or hate having their photograph taken. They come to us to provide a solution to the problem they’ve always had. They don’t like the corporate headshots they’ve seen of themselves in the past. They know they need help; they come knowing they will get pleasing, professional results. The people we show on our website are our clients. They are high achievers, talented individuals and very successful business people, but they still have the same thoughts as you: the doubts and fears of being photographed. The satisfying thing for us is the regular feedback about how pleased our clients are with the results.

Elizabeth's corporate headshot photography

We’re confident we’ll give you fantastic photographs. They’ll please you. You don’t have to look for excuses. Don’t wait or put off having a corporate headshot. Give yourself a few days or up to a week to do a couple of things; haircut, new shirt/s, and perhaps check out professional make-up tips or book it in. We’re our own worst critic with a built-in bias so intense it stops us from seeing ourselves the way everyone else does: which is, in fact, much more positively and far less critically.

We help professionals look great.


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