Headshots are for everyone so why spell out that headshots are for women? Most of our recent clients have come to us via Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo (hello SEO!). They have universally said something we’d hoped they’d notice. But some of it is also surprising considering what we professional photographers are supposed to be providing. These are the kinds of things we hear during initial phone calls about headshots for women:

“I browsed through lots and lots of different websites, and your portfolio really stood out.”

“The eyes are alive. They don’t seem dead or lifeless.”

“When are you available?”

At Into The Picture, there are three of us who collaborate together on our headshots for women. We believe in each other. We want to represent our clients in the best possible way. We want them to feel like they’ve spent their time wisely, and they’re gaining something positive they won’t find elsewhere in Sydney.

“The hair and makeup work is gorgeous. I want Laurel!” 

Laurel Brown is our first choice for hair and makeup and has a wonderful understanding of how to make each client look and feel incredible. Laurel is fantastic to work with. She inherently understands our professional clients, given she’s worked with top tier companies for years helping craft looks for household names.

headshots for women - Jen

She’s also incredibly good at reading between the lines to help our clients who never see themselves presented like this. She can reassure and explain the reasoning behind certain choices, colours, and styles that the client might never have tried before.

She has a strong understanding of how colours work together. She creates beautiful palettes for our clients, and always gives advice that encourages them to continue with certain applications she has shared. She’s a wealth of hair and makeup information.

Our clients adore her, with many booking her for appointments and engagements afterwards.

“I love the personality of the people, they have real character and warmth.”

My job, as photographer, is immediately rewarding. I get to photograph people who are inherently skilled, talented and professional. I help represent them; the warmth of their personality, their brilliance, and just how motivated they are, in a sincere way that has become a signature of our work.

My job is to help clients relax. I make the tea, coffee, and music playlists, create conversation, encourage and direct during the session, and provide immediate strong, positive feedback. I’ve got lighting techniques to help create beautiful, soft skin. Poses to help shape the face. Suggestions to find eye-catching micro-expressions.

“Your images leap off the page.”

Sarah Henry is genuinely excellent at retouching. It’s all done “by hand” not with automated processes.

Too much automation creates a “plastic” look. It cuts too many corners, looks artificial, fake and heavy-handed, leaving those that view the images to work out what went wrong. While strong filters and skin smoothing might be the rage on some social media, it does a complete disservice to those in the corporate and business world. Your authenticity is questioned.

Jen's headshots for women

Sarah thinks through what needs to be done, and with deft skill creates the most gorgeous looks. It’s something our clients have grown to love over the years without fully comprehending the depth of skill involved.

This next statement might sound odd, but it’s high praise from my point of view. No one tells me they have noticed the retouching. But it’s there and is focussing attention on all the right places.

“The headshots of the women are beautiful. I love that I can see their character.”

The days of overly static, cold, detached professional headshot photography should have been over long ago. It isn’t, and that has created an opportunity for our clients to sit in a space for strong, professional women who appreciate the positive difference we provide.

We deliberately create beautiful, positive, eye-catching headshots for women. It’s an experience you’ll enjoy.


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