As businesses continually restructure and reinvent themselves, it allows employees to reinvent themselves too. Sometimes that happens as a consequence of being retrenched.Retrenchment can mean opportunity. It gives people momentum to switch into new careers and industries and even try their hand at something they’ve long wanted to do but never dared. We’re seeing more people through our door, who are taking their retrenchment very positively. They’re being pro-active in putting themselves forward, being seen and heard.In incidental conversation, they’re relaying the advice they’re getting straight from recruitment advisors and HR teams, “Get an up-to-date headshot as a matter of priority.”Stunning headshot photography of Matt taken in WahroongaSomething we might forget, especially those who irregularly use social media, is that actually showing new content, in this case, a stunningly good headshot, is a perfect way to create a conversation in and of itself. Effectively announce yourself with some brand new headshots.You probably won’t be surprised by this news, but some people have physically changed since their previous headshot. Now you mightn’t think your current headshot is all that old – but do a quick stocktake. If you believe it is up-to-date ask for an honest assessment from someone you trust, “Is it a good and positive reflection of me today?”The disconcerting (terrible) news is how quickly we change in as little as two or three years, yet we can’t see it. Although having said that, there’s a positive side to the ageing process. Don’t try to avoid or hide your experience. Show it. And perhaps realise that in our millennial world most of us don’t look as old as we are.You might have a really recent photograph, it might be an image supplied by a workplace. That could have its drawbacks. It might tie you too close to a company, via clothing choices, colours and backgrounds. It might merely not represent you well enough, or it’s been too post-processed, too artificially retouched, doesn’t look as authentically you as it should, or while it might be flattering, it mightn’t hit the right notes you’re now considering.We listen to what you want and what you need when it comes time to a new headshot. It’s done with the idea that you deserve the best we can provide.headshot photography of MattWe want you to be able to walk out the door feeling good about yourself, that your new headshot will help represent you, and the opportunities that will present themselves.Now you get to describe yourself on a clean slate. Take the opportunity to be seen to be engaged, current, and flexible. That will combine with your personal attributes. And you’ll have a fantastic headshot to match a great CV.


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