Most of our clients who come to us for Sydney headshots, and most people for that matter, are still uncomfortable in their own skin and just don’t like being photographed. And the very thought of having a camera right there in front of them creates palpable fear.

The obverse of that is measured two ways. The first is the few words that get expressed by people during and after their session and how much relaxed, more comfortable and reassured they felt. The second is that our clients display surprise when they see their Sydney headshots (yes, I know what you’re thinking, but it is a pleasant surprise). Some are amazed they look as fabulous as they do.

I’ve found it fascinating that people do get so surprised. Don’t you realise how good you are in front of the camera? Aren’t you aware of how well you present? I have to remind myself what it is most of us think and do when we’re facing the camera.

Sydney headshots for women

What’s going on inside your head when you stand in front of a camera? Are you like me? A head full of the noise of confusion and embarrassment? “Just be yourself,” you keep hearing, “You’ve got to be kidding. There’s an enormous camera about an inch away from me with a lens that looks like it could pull the worst details of my facial pores.”

I know what it’s like to stand in front of the camera and not know what to do, where to stand, how to hold my hands, my arms, my legs, my head. Why are my lips doing whatever it is they’re now doing? It doesn’t help that everything suddenly went dry. Should I smile? Is that smile a grimace because I think I should be Hollywood cool? Or does it look like a plastered and fake smile? I forgot my chin/s. Oh dear, still there and they have such a funny shape. Everyone will be looking at that. Where should I move it/them? Where should my eyes go? Should I turn my head slightly to my best side while keeping them pointed to the lens? Why am I breathing so funny and quickly…

That’s what I’m doing in my head, and it’s perplexing and an irrational feeling. The reason many people are thrown when in front of the camera is the continued fear of “failure,” or in this case, dissatisfaction, at seeing ourselves/myself portrayed in an unflattering, ill-at-ease, non-genuine way. It’s a figurative car crash. Two strangers are meeting head-on, and the first point of contact is the windscreen of the vehicle (the camera lens).

Okay, we all agree that a terrible headshot is pointless unless done for comic purposes (unlikely in most cases). Pull out the driver’s licence, the passport and the company lanyards for the typical headshot that feels like it defames us – as if seen on our worst day with our worst attributes displayed.

If you’re like me you want certainty and a guaranteed great outcome otherwise the pain of putting yourself through a headshot session or portrait photography session is not worth it, and this is despite knowing we should present ourselves publicly. And those who know would say we NEED to.

Sydney Headshots for women - Rita

Over the years we’ve worked out how to provide Sydney headshots that do please. There is a gift to unlock our fear of being photographed. At our level, we’re perpetually dealing with people who are intimidated by photographs, photographers and cameras and the unnatural aspect of extra lights, reflectors, backdrops, and the peripherals that help create the image.

My goal is to create a conversational relationship with you immediately. Two people are chatting. I’m not pretending to be interested – I genuinely am. And that helps with a level of understanding that creates enough empathy that you can see past the lens and the camera and begin reacting to the person, me, who is helping you. We’re moving the emphasis off photography, equipment, headshots and placing it on human interaction. After all, in these close-up Sydney headshots, we are creating the relationship with other people, not with machines.

In our time together we will capture the moments that eclipse your expectations. And it’s not as rare as when the earth, moon and sun line up (although it sometimes feels like that in our less organised moments in front of cameras).

We provide our clients with world-class Sydney headshots. It’s what we do. Book a time or consultation today.


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