Even within the limitations and confines of social media headshots, our images can still stand out and be seen as strong and effective. Go all in with “investing” in your professional headshot. Prospects notice cheapness (in whatever forms it comes) and will adversely judge and pre-judge because of it. We all remember being handed business cards over the years. There was that moment you’d accept one and take a glance down. Some were details and nothing else. Other cards were a clash of competing designs, fonts and colours, which were a total eyesore. Then there were gems which were pure works of genius. The good ones had it all — a great font. Beautiful ink. The luxury of embossing on a thick cotton card may be better. No picture, but possibly an attractive, simple logo. We’re deep into Patrick Bateman, American Psycho territory now. We’d be glad to have been given it and would be thinking about our next set of business cards and how to make it as eye-catching as the best ones. These days I get less than a handful of business cards a year. We’re simply not doing business that way. However, the sense of being seen at the top of our game is needed as much as ever. Today people look us over, up close and from afar. What are they seeing? There are snap judgements made quickly in face-to-face meetings; the type of watch, the fabric and patterns of a tie, shirt or blouse, the cut of the suit, the beautifully detailed polishing on the shoes, the French pen, the cleanness of a phone, the design of spectacles, the quality of handbag or briefcase. Have we noticed that list altogether avoided the most obvious thing about us? It is, of course, who we are in terms of our physical self and, more importantly, our character. Our character is the unique selling point to every individual. No one else can be us, no matter the clothing and accessories they replicate. But it’s tough to be who we are when we stand in front of a camera. So overcoming the natural tendencies in photography is difficult. Most professional headshots look like a lineup for school yearbooks or sports team photographs. What we’re doing with photography is presenting each client as effectively as possible. So we mix what we know about our clients, such as their work, the industry they are in, their personality type, and the intended audience, to arrive at a headshot that we know pleases people. A personalised, professional headshot might seem to ascribe to a formula, but it takes each individual into account in the complexity of each of us has. One drawback we’ve noted to same-old, same-same corporate photography is we’re so attuned to looking at corporate images that we get a sense of the photographer rather than the subject. It means something is slightly off with the headshot. Also, too many photographs seem to be constructed around a specific formula rather than who our subject is. You are the subject, and you deserve our full attention. We’ll help create imagery that allows dignify and respect your individuality. We’re focused on, forgive the corporate speak, positive outcomes representing you better than you might have hoped and outcomes that end up serving you practically. And at that point, you won’t mind the favourable judgements being made.

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