Let’s make a detour before talking about the headshot photography we did for AMS Furniture on the Central Coast.

More and more businesses are understanding the benefits and advantages of corporate headshot photography for individuals.

The traditional view has been that headshots are for management and for a relatively narrow range of specific companies. As more people realise the power of personal connection more companies are taking the opportunity to present the faces of their team.

It makes an enormous amount of difference when companies realise they have their own great stories to be told rather than relying on the all too ubiquitous stock photography. Too often the chosen stock images, rather than emphasizing the unique qualities of the brand, apply a detached and clinical look often associated with different countries (specifically the US).

Companies are realising that they must invest in telling their story. That investment pays off with loyalty internally and externally.

Obvious examples stand out. Tesla is identifiable through its CEO Elon Musk and the passion with which he talks about the varying products that Tesla have developed.

Apple take ownership, of course, to espouse the values of the products specifically isolating the features that are Apple specific and centric.

But this became more possible by proclaiming the stories of their top people. Apple specifically has used Jobs, Wozniak and Cook as the character/ human face of the company to great dividend.

One company that eschewed necessarily using its own people is Red Bull. But what it has done is identify itself with the extreme sports it sponsors and has created. The character of Red Bull is in the F1 drivers, the flight crews for the air races and the astounding people who, for example, took a balloon to the edge of space for Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner to jump out of.

“This is our product. These are our people.” It’s the most simple, least abstract way of identifying with our work and teams. And it shows great confidence in both.

And what have we just mentioned? A battery company, a phone and computer company, and a drink company. The product’s may or may not be the best in the world but when you talk so comfortably and confidently about them and associate yourself with them then consumer loyalty follows.

Headshot Photography for AMS Furniture

AMS Furniture is located just outside of Gosford. AMS wanted to photograph staff from Management, Sales and Customer Service and the Production teams.

Over the course of a couple of days we photographed them in an office with different backdrops and changes of clothes.

It’s our job to go beyond the standard headshot even headshots for websites. We’re trying to engage the viewer with each individual person. We’re connecting strangers via an image, showing humanity, diligence, friendliness, intelligence.

The key to this is to engage everyone in the collaboration of the headshots, and to spend enough time with each of them to ensure the final result is engaging, character driven and focussed.

AMS Furniture’s focus is on their Australian made office furniture. That’s an insignificant statement until you realise the way the staff and owners feel and talk about the company and you see the degree to which they believe in their product.

headshot photographyMale staff new website headshot with blue backgroundFemale corporate headshotNew website headshots for male staffMale staff new website headshotNew website headshots for female staffHeadshot for new website - female

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