Welcome to Into The Picture and if you’ve known us for a while, welcome back. This is the our first blog post on the new website and today we’re focusing on business headshots.

Sarah and I have previously run a blog on Into The Picture but since we decided to revamp the site we thought we might as well start from scratch and we’ll endeavour to post useful information about the work we’re doing, the things we’re seeing and any little tidbits along the way. So with a fresh look to the site let’s start our blogging with a similarly fresh approach to the writing and blogging.

Corporate headshot photography is an under-utilised tool in your personal marketing.

The simplicity of good, clean business headshots belies both the complexity of their creation and the effectiveness they have for viewers; your prospective clients, customers, colleagues. Nothing you write is absorbed or judged as quickly as an image. It’s a very fast, in fact almost instantaneous way, of communicating a lot of information about you; clearly revealing your face but also showing parts of your character.

Great headshots reveal you at your best but importantly there should not be a disconnect between the headshot and the reality of who you are. We’re probably all aware of some types of photography that proclaim a total makeover, but upon looking at the photographs we have no idea who the person is despite how well we know them.

Your business headshots should be a strong declaration of you, offer a good indication of your character, and be the very best photographic representation of you, so that someone physically meeting you recognises you straight away. Professional hair and make-up, when done to high standards, aren’t altering your character and characteristics but are enhancing, brilliantly, the best of you.

We had Aja in the studio. She is a Novocastrian and recently took the opportunity to come down to Wahroonga to have headshots done. We had Mel Sundana from Forever Makeup work with Aja, the task in this case was to show Aja with natural colouring and give her that complete business look. Aja elected to have her hair up.

Fantastic professional headshot of AjaAja's Sydney Corporate couture business headshotAja's professional headshot sessionBusiness Headshots for women

Into The Picture understands individuality. We’re in the business of creating unique photographs for someone like you. Get in touch with us today for your Business Headshots.


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