You’re either at the top of your game, or you certainly feel you should be on the way up. The marketing tools you have at your disposal are increasing, but it’s amazing how many people still compromise when it comes to spending money on themselves. And that’s partly due to a perception that some things don’t matter. We believe high-end corporate headshot photography should matter.

But why do people compromise? Either it’s cheap, or they are. It’s easy not to spend money and receive praise for that decision. People find it’s harder to spend lots and be asked to justify it when there are fewer measurable factors.

So we’d agree that headshots are a dime-a-dozen – especially when poorly done. But they’re invaluable when done well.

high-end corporate headshot photography in Sydney

How do you measure the value?

The photograph you like that you’re using now, so often says something harmful usually by saying nothing at all. Far too many headshots are nothing more than space filler to move past. They’re unmotivated photographs, executed blandly.

There’s often no analysis of the reasoning for lots of headshots. It needs a slightly better answer than, “I need a headshot.” And if you haven’t been asked to clarify why, the reasons need to be examined, before spending money on a generic-style headshot filler.

High-End Corporate Headshot Photography caters to you – the individual. Even when we’re asked to photograph many people for organisations and companies, we’re asking for the one thing that all too often gets missed. We need time to answer your questions, to find your motivations, to help you find the look you’re after, and to help define the characteristic you that others need to know.

Our success comes from helping you to find success – not just making a photo of a nicely lit, reasonably executed headshot. We deliberately take you to the next level. Into The Picture aims to help every single one of our clients make a statement, create a look, be perceived the way they need to be, even if the session wasn’t at their instigation.

We drop the effects (or affects too) in favour of helping make you the central subject matter. Neutral backgrounds, simple clothing, minimal jewellery, subject-specific lighting, useful hair and make-up advice and expertise, all interwoven with clear direction, communication and conversation.

We provide our clients with high-end Corporate Headshot Photography in Sydney. It’s what we do.

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