Remember being handed business cards over the years? There was that moment we’d accept one and take a glance down. Some had nothing but details, and some were a clash of competing designs, fonts and colours, an eyesore. And certainly no headshot photo.

Some cards were works of genius. The good ones had it all — a great font, beautiful ink. Maybe the luxury of embossing, or letterpress, on a thick cotton card, possibly a simple logo. And congratulations if you’re thinking of the scene from American Pyscho, and the presentation of business card fonts and paper stocks. But it’s starting to feel a bit old fashioned. These days I get less than a handful of business cards a year.

We’re just not doing business that way (and saving hundreds or thousands in printing costs each time). However, needing to be seen at the top of the game is just as important as ever.

Today people look us over. What are they seeing? There are snap judgements made quickly in face-to-face meetings. We glance at a watch, the choice of clothing, the beautifully detailed polishing on the shoes, the pen, the cleanness of a phone, the design of spectacles, the quality of handbag or briefcase.

Notice that list avoided the most obvious thing about us. It is, of course, who we are in terms of our physical self, and much more importantly, our character, skill and talent.

Character, skill and talent are our unique selling point. No one else is as good at being me, as myself.

But it’s tough to be ourselves when we stand in front of a camera for a headshot photo. Overcoming our natural tendencies and hesitancy in photography is difficult, especially when headshot photos today need to avoid looking like a lineup for formulaic school yearbooks, sports team photos, or even employee-of-the-month shots. They must be much more personalised.

headshot photo in Wahroonga Sydney

What we’re doing with photography is presenting you, armed with some knowledge about yourself and the work you do, the type of clients you deal with, the businesses that you mix with, and the sense of professionalism that you need to project.

We mix that with what pleases and appeals to people when they look at photographs.

As the photographer, we’re attuned to looking at headshot photos and quickly help you assess your own images. It’s important to help you maintain your individuality, identity, and professionalism. Our skill and talent is in engaging you, quickly, to finding the best variations for you.

We deliberately avoid a factory style process, as there is the danger of the photographer, rather than the subject, imposing themselves too visibly into the process. Instead, we’re constructing a photograph that is strongly for and about you, the individual.

We use the power of professional photography to assist clients convey positive messages in each headshot. We’ll help you craft a photograph that helps project: strength, honesty, warmth, humour, integrity, calmness, professionalism, experienced, keen, certain, controlled, empathetic.

headshot photo of Lucy

We can’t roll it all into one, of course, but it needs to be much more certain than that preset of; “This is what I look like.”

Look at your current headshot photo. What message does it send? Is it strong? Is it professional? Is it up-to-date? And yes, is it flattering? If you aren’t using a photograph, is it time to do so? If you are ready to try a strong, flattering and professional headshot, contact us.

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