You’re looking to get an updated corporate headshot because it’s time to do a little self-promotion. You’ve either decided or had someone decide for you, that headshots are the order of the day. So now you’ve got the task of sorting out what to do about it. Perhaps you’ve been disappointed with the results you’ve had, or seen, in the past. If you fall into this category, we’re confident we can help attain that great result you expect.

There are undoubtedly cheap ways to get an updated corporate headshot in Sydney, and if you’re looking to do-it-yourself, there’s plenty of online guides to show you how to achieve the perfect headshot. Either way, it’s harder than it appears, to walk away with a pleasing result.

Updated corporate headshot of Leanne

At Into The Picture, we’re crafting amazing corporate headshots for our clients every day. We know we’re getting it right because we please the person most critical of each photograph – you, the client. It’s a photograph that helps introduce you, opens doors, grabs attention, creates work, enables you to be remembered. It an image of you, as you want to be seen.

So it’s worthwhile getting it right. And when it comes time to first get or updating your headshot, go with someone whose online work captures the looks that “speak” to you.

If you’ve already looked at our portfolio, you can tell, with at a glance, that our headshots project strength, confidence, warmth, mixed in with the professionalism that each person brings to their work. We don’t just do the neutral, no emotion, character-less headshots that remind you of a pass for an office.

Leanne's new corporate headshot

Certainly in Sydney, the demand for sincere and personable imagery is far higher than the usual corporate creations that defined an earlier era. We now show an openness, and perhaps that’s a reflection of our social media world, or maybe it’s just the type of society we’re developing in Australia. Today’s clients define themselves through attractive traits while remaining professional. It’s our job to help you to be seen and remembered, in one photograph, as someone we want to meet, and to work with. That’s the power of a perfect corporate headshot.

New corporate headshot of Leanne


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