There is a positive difference between a good headshot and a great one. A great corporate headshot is, by far, a more effective tool than the regular headshots that most of your peers use.

On the positive side for just getting a regular headshot done and out of the way, while it’s not exciting at least, it’s not unflattering. It’s competent, and it does a job. It’s probably not embarrassing, but that might be the kindest thing that could be said. If it was a friends photo, you might even like them in it. But if it’s yours, you’ll find a reason to criticise it.

The catch is that, if you don’t know the person, you probably wouldn’t even notice the image. It’d be nothing more than a space filler. And yet so many people end up with headshots just like that. They’re devoid of them. There’s no energy, empathy, humanity, spirit, or that particular something that makes us linger. It ends up falling into a category where it’s a bit unloved but remains because it is just serviceable. But is it enough? Jodie's great corporate headshot

Drivers licence and passport photographs are a common measure of how good enough isn’t. The subject is looking at the camera, the lighting is serviceable, and it clearly shows the face. And yet… If you’re discerning, demanding, and seeking to show how high you set your standards, then you know things need to be better.

We’re continually finding and reinventing ways to take the shot that does the best job and create something that pleases the harshest critic, you know – you. In this way corporate, business, commercial headshot photography aligns more closely with the aim of an actors headshot. But whereas they might be trying to look suitable for a particular role by adopting a persona, the corporate headshot deliberately identifies and enhances the existing character of the individual.

And this is done with much less emphasis on the traditional trappings of corporate headshot photography; the suit, tie, cufflinks, crisp blouse, folded arms, reserved demeanour. At Into The Picture, we place the most emphasis where it should always be, the face, but not as a mere record, instead create a palpable connection. Wahroonga great corporate headshot of Jodie

We’re softening posing to reflect the idea that one person is seeing this image at any one time. When we view connections through a “narrowcasting” perspective, we suddenly realise that more can be intimacy said. A fantastic image, carefully shot, showing likability without dismissing professionalism.

A balancing act? Perhaps, but worthwhile because the results are engaging. We photograph for your intended audience. And we know it works. We get feedback from clients who tell us that people do engage with their headshots.

Creating engagement is important. For instance, it’s far better to lean in, lighting for an open face, eyes sparkling and alive, creating a palpable sense of your personality. There’s no longer any point being ramrod straight with a low camera position – a power move that creates a detachment, coolness and conformity from another time. After all, the audience for that type of image has disappeared too.

Your face should be more than a recorded fact, as seen in the average headshot. We help craft and create your mini-story, revealing character and qualities. We see it in a fraction of a second glance at your headshot. A great corporate headshot takes you from being a face in the crowd to being a person to know. Sydney great corporate headshot of Jodie

More and more switched on clients are using personalised services to help their career, ambitions, networking, and prospects. We’re meeting that change, and helping to drive it, because we take the time and the care to provide the difference between a good and great corporate headshot.


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